Friday, December 19, 2008

The Wise King

The Wise King
A Folktale from West Kalimantan

"Hello everybody, come and visit my restaurant. I have delicious food for you," Pak Razak is standing in front of his restaurant. He is inviting people to come and eat in his place.
A moment later a farmer comes. He is standing in front of the restaurant. He smells the aroma of the delicious food.
"Hmm...yummy," says the farmer.
"Hey! What are you doing? Do you want to come to my restaurant or not?' asks Pak Razak.
"No, I don't. Smelling the aroma of your delicious food makes me full," says the farmer.
"But you still have to pay! You smell my delicious food," Pak Razak is angry.
"No way! I don't want to pay! It's impossible!" The farmer is also angry.
Then Pak Razak and the farmer have an argument.
People come and ask to calm down. They suggest Pak Razak and the farmer go to the King to solve the problem.
"Please tell me what happened,” asks the King.
Pak Razak and the farmer tell the King about the problem.
"Hmm...I have the solution. Now put your coins into this bottle."
"Do you hear the sound of the coins?" asks the King to Pak Razak.
"Yes, I do," answes Pak Razak.
"Then, the farmer has just paid you. He pays your delicious aroma with the sound of his money," explains the King.
Pak Razak is silent. He knows the King is right. The King just gave him a lesson. He then apologizes to the farmer. ***
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