Friday, December 19, 2008

Siuk Bimbim and Siuk Bambam

Siuk Bimbim and Siuk Bambam
A Folktale from Central Kalimantan

Siuk Bimbim and Siuk Bambam are brothers. They are orphans. Their parents died when Siuk Bimbim was a baby. Siuk Bambam always takes care of his younger brother, Siuk Bimbim. They help each other and never quarrel.
It's the late afternoon. Siuk Bimbim and Siuk Bambam want to the dinner. "We don't have enough food. I have to go to the barn now," says Siuk Bambam.
"But, don't go too long. Please come back soon," says Siuk Bimbim.
"Don't worry. Lock the door and never open to anyone except me, OK?"
Siuk Bambam then leaves. Actually he wants to take his brother goes with him to the rice barn. But it's very far. He doesn't want his younger brother to be tired.
Besides that, he can go there faster by walking quikly.
Meanwhile, Siuk Bimbim is sleeping. He is very tired. Suddenly, he wakes up. He hears someone knocks the door. The sound is very loud. Siuk Bimbim is very scared. When he looks outside through a window, he sees a giant the front of the door. He is shocked. The giant then breaks the door and enters the house. Siuk Bimbim then runs. He runs and runs until he gets very tired. He feels he cannot stand up anymore. Then he is fainted.
After a while, Siuk Bambam comes home from the rice barn. He is shocked when he sees the house is in a mess. He is calling his brother, "Siuk Bimbim, whre are you?" No one answers Siuk Bambam gets more shocked when he sees some footprints. They are not his brother's footprints. They are the giant's footprints!
Siuk Bambam gets much panicked. He looks for his brother everywhere.
Suddenly he sees his brother under the tree. Siuk Bimbim is unconscious. Siuk Bambam then takes him to a well. It's a magic well. It can cure any disease. He gives some water to his youger brother. Ater a while, Siuk Bimbim cured. Siuk Bimbim is very happy. He hugs his younger brother and takes him home. ***


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