Friday, December 19, 2008


A Folkltale from East Java

Sidomukti and his father live in Widorokandang, East Java. Right now, Sidomukti is sad. His father is seriously ill. His father asks him to go to a jungle to take some special leaves for his medicine. Sidomukti then immediately goes to the jungle.
In the jungle, Sidomukti goes here and there to find the leaves. While he is busy searching the leaves, suddenly he finds a hut. He goes to the hut and knocks the door.
An old woman opens the door. "What can I do for you, young man?" asks her.
"My father is very ill. I want to find some special leaves for his medicine."
"Well, it's getting late outside and going to be dark soon. Why don't you stay here and spend the night in my place. You can continue searching for the leaves tomorrow, "the old woman offers him a help.
Sidomukti agrees. He feels very tired and wants to sleep. While he sleeping, he feels something moving on his leg. The spider stings him. Sidomukti screams in pain. "Ouuuchh. That's hurts!!!"
He is looking around th e bed room. He wants to use something to kill the black spider. He takes a broom in the corner of the room.
"Gotcha?" He kills the black spider.
Suddenly a beautiful woman comes to his room. Sidomukti is confused. He asks her. "Who are you?"
The beautiful woman answers. "Don't be affraid, young man. I was the old woman. A witch cursed me into an old woman. She also put a black spider to guard me. Actually I'm a princess. Because you already helped me, I will tell my father the King to help you."
Sidomukti and the princess then go to the kingdom. The king is very happy his daughter is back. To show his gratitude to Sidomukti, the king gave him gold. He also orders his people to help Sidomukti find the special leaves. ***


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